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PTA Meeting Minutes June 3, 2008

Posted Sep 21, 2008 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on September 21, 2008. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Central School PTA Minutes

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Introduction: The meeting began at 9:08 am in the Library. The PTA officers in attendance: Mary Ellen Meindl, Michelle Marconi, Melinda Brom, Rick LaBelle, Jane Wilhelm, Kathy Dudek, Nancy Hutchings, Linda LaBelle and Patrick O’Laughlin. Also in attendance: Central School Principal Dr. Limperis and Central School Teacher Samantha Lutz.

Minutes: The May 6, 2008 minutes were approved by Nancy Hutchings and seconded by Jeannine Glavas.

Officers’ Reports

Hospitality: Jennifer Sedivy thanked today’s hostesses: Mary Ellen Meindl, Nancy Hutchings and Michelle Marconi. We are in need of a babysitter for the meetings (9-10:30 for morning PTA meeting), Teacher Appreciation luncheon and Halloween program. The pay is $25-35. Please let Jennifer know if you are interested. Correspondence was passed around including thank you notes from the Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Luncheon at Jem Café and from the students for the Book Fair and Ice Cream Social.

Membership: Michelle Marconi reported that last year 196 families signed up for the PTA, this year 101 have signed up. Everyone who already signed up for the PTA for next year will receive a refund of their PTA dues ($3.25). We will charge for the Roadrunner, the calendar and the student directory. Melinda Brom thanked all the volunteers and stated that we have a wonderful volunteer base. Some committees need chairs for next year especially Birthday Boards, Hike and Bike, PR Media Coordinator, Innisbrook (brings in about $7400- a big part of our budget) and Teacher Appreciation Week. Anyone interested in volunteering, please let Michelle or Melinda know.

Treasurer: Rick LaBelle stated that any expenses need to be in for this school year. Committee chairs should let Rick know if they need more money in the budget for their committee.

Philanthropy: Allyn Pilewski reported that there are two outstanding items: author kits (ordering books and discussion and teacher manuals) and stencils for the blacktop (waiting for district approval). Picnic tables and catering tables are on order.

Principal’s Report: Dr. Limperis stated that it has been a wonderful school year and she is looking forward to next year. Thank you to Bev Aieta for her work with the Book Fair, we received an extra $800 bonus from Scholastic. The Clap Out is tomorrow at 2:45 pm. Ms. Brackett will be going to Hollywood school next year. Mrs Walachek is retiring from the district. Mrs. Gangware left about three weeks ago. The district has hired two full time nurses: Geana Chapp and Judy Dalton. The topic for the June Board of Education Meeting is the district looking at 9th session for Kindergarten due to more children registering for Kindergarten. For next year’s district calendar, the specials classes will be shifted for early release days so that students won’t miss more than 3 sessions.

Teacher Representative: Samantha Lutz reported on the CAKE theme for next school year- be Courteous and Kind to Everyone.

PTA Committee Reports

Box Tops and Labels: Mary Ellen Meindl reported that from the Campbell’s points Patty Dost will be receiving two flip a scores and a jump and reach board. We should have about 6,000 points next year. We have about $398.00 from Box Tops.

Library: We have the Monarch and Caudill texts. Help is needed for shelf reading.

Pavers: Nikki Hajer reported that 5 pavers were sold for $425 profit. The profit for the year was $850.

PTO Committee: Nancy Hopkins reported that the papers will be filed today for tax exempt status for the Central School PTO. A motion was made “To give 9364.60 as a directed gift to District 96 to be used for hardscape and landscape in the area of Central Playground with funds to be returned to Central School PTO if not used by summer 2009” by Nancy Hopkins and seconded by Allyn Pilewski. The motion passed. A motion was made by Anne Kodama to “transfer funds remaining in the PTA checking account as of the end of the fiscal year to the new PTO checking account” and was seconded by Jane Wilhelm. The motion passed. Jane Wilhelm made a motion to refund the PTA membership fee of $3.25 to those who already paid it and was seconded by Anne Kodama. The motion passed.

Roadrunner update: Kim Bolton reported that Kim Frank and Matthew Heine used Flickr for uploading the photographs, which was easier to pick instead of CD’s. The Roadrunner went to the printer Tuesday after Memorial Day and will be ready for distribution Thursday.

07/08 Talent Show Recap: Colleen Lieggi reported that 113 students, 47 acts, 15 announcers and 6 stage hands were in the Talent Show. They received a lot of positive feedback. The same group of volunteers has been putting on the show for the past 3 years. The students learn performance art, building self esteem and confidence as well as school pride.

Artist in Residence: Mary Ellen Meindl stated that the Illinois Council Grant that Dawn Gmitro has been working on was accepted pending Illinois State budget approval. The grant is a 60/40 split (about $6100), we will need to fundraise about $4,000.00. The grant will be used for the Striding Lion interarts workshop of creative drama. K-3rd will work one time on the theme of geometry, while the core group of 4th and 5th Grade will work the last two weeks of January and February, concluding with a final performance. Mary Ellen stated that one assembly will be eliminated next year (saving about $800) as well as the talent show being held every other year (saving about $500, as well as classroom time used).

Other Business

08/09 Talent Show proposal: Kim Jacobs stated that the break from the Talent show would be difficult for the kids and volunteers. Kim stated that the talent show is aligned with the district mission to inspire creativity. Kim will present the proposal to the August Executive Board meeting. If there are any additional items to include, please contact Tiffany McManus. A motion was made by Kim Bolton and seconded by Sandy Briolat to continue the talent show as an annual event with two performances with a plan for provisions for budget and time issues. A motion was then made to table that motion by Jennifer Sedivy and seconded by Kathy Dudek. The vote was 16 yes, 0 no. The motion was tabled.



The meeting adjourned at 10:35 am.
The Minutes are respectfully submitted by Patrick O’Laughlin, Recording Secretary.