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PTO Meeting Minutes September 9, 2008

Posted Oct 8, 2008 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on October 8, 2008. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Central School PTO Minutes

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Introduction: The meeting began at 9:05 am in the Library. The PTA officers in attendance: Mary Ellen Meindl, Michelle Marconi, Melinda Brom, Jane Wilhelm, Kathy Dudek, Nancy Hutchings, Linda LaBelle, Jennifer Sedivy and Patrick O’Laughlin. Also in attendance: District 96 Superintendent Dr. Lamberson, Central School Principal Dr. Limperis and Central School Teacher Samantha Lutz.

Minutes: The June 3, 2008 minutes were approved by Michelle Mendoza and seconded by Jeannine Glavas.

Officers’ Reports

President: Mary Ellen Meindl introduced the current executive board. The Staff of the Year award was presented to Samantha Lutz and the Volunteer of the Year award was presented to Aberdeen Ozga for the work they did with the organization.

Membership: Michelle Marconi reported that calendars are available for $3.00. The student directory will be out in about two weeks and will cost $3.00 if you haven’t paid yet. All Committee chairs have been contacted for this school year.

Hospitality: Jennifer Sedivy passed around a signup sheet for the hospitality table. The PTO is trying to be “green” this year by having a new coffee maker and not having water bottles.

Treasurer’s Report: Jane Wilhelm reported that the 2007-2008 audit was made and was approved. The 2008/09 proposed budget was passed out. Items of note: dues will be paid for 25 members of the PTA (to dissolve); the calendar, directory and roadrunner are separate entries; the Illinois Art Council grant is for $6165 and the cost of the program is $10100; Spring family night is eliminated and $200 is added to the Fall Family Fun night budget; $125 was added to turn off the TV week. A motion was made by Nancy Hopkins to approve the budget and seconded by Nancy Hutchings. The motion passed.

100% Fund: Kristine Adler reported that 39 families have contributed a total amount of $4333.00. Letters about the 100% Fund will go out in October and again in December for tax returns.

Superintendent’s Report: Dr. Lamberson detailed the district goals for this year: identify and practice civility and courtesy as teachers and students; reconstruct the website (www.district96.org) ; grade 5 for 4 program (Mac laptops for students for use during the school year, the laptops will be district property on loan for 4 years to the students. It will be presented to the Board of Education this month for approval. They are looking at grants for this for two years, so that no property taxes are used for this program to start). This year, there is a pilot of parent-teacher-student conferences for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and Hauser. The district wants the students to acquire the belief that it is their learning. District enrollment is at a 35 year high (1457), 6% higher than last year. Hauser is 10% higher than last year at 490. Central is at 390 only 50 students away from the all time high in 1969. If enrollment increases beyond space limitations, mobiles might be a possibility (placed in the t-ball field behind Hauser). This year, new student school registration had to be made by a legal guardian who had to provide 5 pieces of identification to prove residency. The district’s private investigator is checking on 4 possible residency issues, of which action will probably occur on 3 of them. The district is pursuing the collection of $31,000 from a family that allegedly misrepresented their residency.

Principal’s Report: Dr. Limperis stated that it was nice to see all the new and returning parents at the meeting. Central will be having a national election day for the students on October 15th, complete with voting booths. The classroom materials have described the election process and the candidates for president. The new student teachers this year are Pat Hausa (McCarthy) and Becky Margill (Visek). Dr. Limperis reported that the teachers are very excited about the Striding Lion program. The leadership team has created guidelines for civility and courtesy which are: to communicate in a courteous/ friendly manner, return email/ calls in one business day, check the tone of an email — if it is really long it is time for a meeting, the priority is children in the classroom — so if a parent wants to meet please make an appointment, every visitor must register at the office and please wear the visitor badge, and no dogs on school property.

Teacher Representative: Samantha Lutz reported that Parent night is next Thursday, if you can’t make it please contact the teacher. C.A.K.E. is going well. Encourage students to say hi to teachers they see in the hallway and if they don’t know them, introduce themselves.

PTA Committee Reports

Box Tops and Labels: Michelle Hruska will send a flyer out next week about Box tops.

Cultural Arts — Classroom: Nancy Hutchings stated that there is an opportunity to volunteer in your child’s classroom with Cultural Arts. The meeting will be on September 24th at 7pm in the Library.

Family Fun Night: Mary Jurgens reported that Family Fun Night is Friday, September 26th from 5:30-7:30pm. There will be pizza, games, activities, dance and ice cream. Volunteers are still needed.

Flying Carpet Club: Aberdeen Ozga spoke about the Flying Carpet Club, which is a Junior Great Books program held during lunch/recess in the winter. The club members read stories (anthologies) and discuss them. Last year there were 26 parent volunteers and over 100 students. Volunteers are needed for this year.

Halloween Program: Dawn Gmitro and Kim Jacobs are the chairs for this committee. If you are interested, please contact them.

Hike and Bike Week: Will be next month; check the backpacks for info on Wednesday.

Library: Jeannine Glavas thanked everyone who attended the meeting last week. Volunteers are still needed for readers, monthly bulletin board, cover new books, shelving and shelf readers. Please give your cell number if you volunteer so you can be contacted if something changes.

PTO Update: Nancy Hopkins reported that the PTO is formed as a local organization with better insurance, no dues and has officially received 501 (c) 3 tax status. Central PTO has a new website www.centralptonews.org. The last meeting for the PTA will be the November meeting (evening) with the vote to disband. We will have 25 members pay PTA dues of $3.25 each so that we can vote to disband.

Roadrunner Yearbook: Kim Bolton passed around a volunteer sheet to take photos at events, since we want to make sure that someone covers every event at school. Room parents will cover the classroom photos. Ms. Nakis will coordinate the writers and students will also be taking pictures for the yearbook.

Other Business

Central’s PTO Things to know handbook committee appointment: Volunteers are needed to assist in creating a handbook of everything you need to know at Central for new families. The goal is to have the handbook finished by April/May for Kindergarten visitation.

Announcements: Thank you to all the volunteers.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 am.
The Minutes are respectfully submitted by Patrick O’Laughlin, Recording Secretary.