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PTO Meeting Minutes October 7, 2008

Posted Nov 18, 2008 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on November 18, 2008. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Central School PTO Minutes

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Introduction: The meeting began at 9:03 am in the Library. The PTO officers in attendance: Mary Ellen Meindl, Michelle Marconi, Melinda Brom, Jane Wilhelm, Kathy Dudek, Nancy Hutchings, Linda LaBelle, Jennifer Sedivy and Patrick O’Laughlin. Also in attendance: Central School Principal Dr. Limperis and Central School Teacher Samantha Lutz.

Minutes: The September 9, 2008 minutes were approved by Nancy Hutchings and seconded by Michelle Hejna.

Officers’ Reports

President: Mary Ellen Meindl passed around a sign up sheet for volunteers to provide dinner to the teachers for the November 24th Parent-Teacher conferences.

Correspondence: Jennifer Sedivy passed around teacher thank you notes for events and DVDs as well as the sign up sheet for the Hospitality table.

Treasurer’s Report: Jane Wilhelm reported on the budget. Items of note on the accounting: the amount in income under the Yearbook covers the calendar, the directory and the yearbook; the amount in income for the school directory should be switched with the calendar printing; and a profit of $111.50 was made at the Fall Family Fun Night from ice cream sales.

Principal’s Report: Dr. Limperis reported on the district initiatives for the writing program. The overview of the program can be found at www.regieroutman.com. The goal is to help the children to move from dependent to independent writers. For Social Studies, the Scott Foresman series is being used (2nd year of use) which dovetails with the guided reading program. For more information please go to www.sfsocialstudies.com. Dr. Limperis detailed the new K.I.T.E. program (Kindergarteners Improving Toward Excellence). The program is a two day a week program to develop motor skills, handwriting skills (using pilot program “handwriting without tears”, if it goes well, it will be used for all Kindergarten classes). The students are selected for the program based on testing: District-wide 31 students qualified for the program and 28 accepted. The draft of the Civility and Communication Guidelines for District 96 were presented which are: 1) professional/friendly language will only be used, if it isn’t, the conversation will be ended; 2) phone/email correspondence will be returned in one business day; 3) conferences will only be on a scheduled basis; 4) everyone must sign in when visiting the school. The ISATs for this year were 88% or above (met/exceeded standards) in every category. The 3rd grade achieved a 100% in Math.

Teacher Representative: Samantha Lutz reported that Parent-Teacher conferences are Friday. If you were not given a conference time, you will have one in November. Samantha passed around some examples from the 4th Grade haiku poetry lesson as well as posters on common and proper nouns.

Meet the Teacher: Patty Dost, the P.E. teacher is a U of I grad who has taught at Shepard H.S. as well as St. Louise de Merillac in LaGrange Park. She is in her 11th year in District 96, where she teaches at Central and Hollywood. P.E. is two times a week for 30 minutes. Every grade’s activities build on the previous year. Now the students are working on the Presidential Fitness test which is a series of sit-ups, pushups and agility exercises. The TDPE room is used for teachers to take students for one day of TDPE per week.

PTA Committee Reports

Flying Carpet Club: Aberdeen Ozga stated that the Flying Carpet Club is in need of volunteers. The program takes place from January- March during lunch and indoor recess periods. Donna Considine located and donated more materials, so we can have two more sessions without having to expend money on more materials. The new volunteer training will be in November and student’s signup will be at the end of November.

Halloween Windows: Nancy Hutchings stated that a flyer will be distributed tomorrow, please respond by Friday. The program is for 1st-5th Grade with painting to be done on the weekend (Oct. 16-18). The cost is $5.00

Hike and Bike Week: Tracy Sloan reported that everyone will receive water bottles on Friday and the roller skating party is from 1-3pm.

Original Works Fundraiser: Mary Ellen reported that the Original Works information has been sent out and is due on October 17th.

100% Fund Update: Kathy Dudek reported that the 100% Fund has received about $6000.00. The goal is $11,000.00. Budget plans are available and if your employer offers corporate matching, please enroll in it.

September Board of Education Meeting Update: Jane Wilhelm attended the shortened September 16th meeting at Ames. The budget of $14 million was adopted. The next board meeting is Tuesday October 21st at Hollywood.

Other Business

Tax Referendum: Ben Sells, Village Trustee came to speak about the Tax Referendum which has two parts: 1) an advisory referendum whether Riverside wants green oriented practices in the building code and waste removal; 2) a property tax increase equal to about 3 ½%. The village is a non-home rule entity where the Illinois Property Tax Cap is 2 ½% per year, but costs for the village have risen at 7 ½. Over the next 6 years, the village is projecting a $600,000.00 deficit. If the referendum passes, current services will be maintained and there will be an increase of 30% in additional services (increased parks maintenance, hiring additional police detective, ongoing sidewalk replacement program). If the referendum doesn’t pass, the village will make a $400,000.00 reduction in 2009: the community service officer (attends bond court for our officers) would be lost, the North Fire Station would be closed two days per week, Public Works would be cut and the Parks and Recreation Department would be eliminated.

Announcements: Thank you to all the volunteers.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 am.

The Minutes are respectfully submitted by Patrick O’Laughlin, Recording Secretary.