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PTO Meeting Minutes November 11, 2008

Posted Jan 14, 2009 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on January 14, 2009. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Central School PTO Minutes

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Introduction: The meeting began at 7:18 pm in the Library. The PTO officers in attendance: Mary Ellen Meindl, Michelle Marconi, Melinda Brom, Jane Wilhelm, Kathy Dudek, Nancy Hutchings, Linda LaBelle, Jennifer Sedivy and Patrick O’Laughlin. Also in attendance: Central School Principal Dr. Limperis and Central School Teacher Samantha Lutz.

Minutes: The October 7th, 2008 minutes were approved by Nancy Hutchings and seconded by Mary Jo Robling.

Officers’ Reports:

President: Mary Ellen Meindl reported that Hauser’s ISATs increased for the first time in 10 years. We collected $308 in the first submission of Box Tops and have purchased two hockey nets and an aerobic CD from Campbell’s Soup Labels. The results from the skating survey (from 135 skaters) will be posted on the website.

Treasurer’s Report: Jane Wilhelm requested that committee chairs turn in checks with an electronic spreadsheet listing names, amounts and totals to the blue PTO envelope in the office. Fall Family Night cost $717.00.

2nd V.P. – Fundraising’s Report: Kathy Dudek reported that the 100% Fund is $4,000 under budget. A new flyer will go out Wednesday for 2008 contributions.

Principal’s Report: Dr. Limperis reported that this year’s Veteran’s Day program was a success with about 43 veterans attending. Next year there may be a social after the program. November 21st report cards and MAP scores will be distributed. We have two administrative interns this year: Mindy Keller and Carol Devans Faulk. The Interactive Illinois Report Card can be accessed at: iirc.niu.edu and allows access to any school and district in Illinois. It shows ISAT scores comparing those of the school with the district and the state. The color coding is as follows: blue and green – meets/exceeds requirements; yellow – below requirements; red – academic warning. For 2008, 3rd Grade met/exceeded math requirements. The schools are ranked using a school house icon: red-needs improvement; yellow-closing the gap; and purple – 5 years or more of meeting/exceeding goals. The teachers can use this tool to look at topics that their students are not scoring well on as well as at each student to see what would need to be worked on.

Teacher Representative: Samantha Lutz reported that Parent-Teacher conferences are on November 24th from 12:35- 8:30 pm. Students in grades 3-5 can be present at the conference to talk about goals, if they choose. The remainder of the conference will be between the parent and the teacher. The teachers said the Halloween play was awesome and the parties were great. Samantha also passed around Cultural Arts work from Mrs. Teune’s class (artist Andrew Wythe chalk and egg whites), Samantha’s class (Patricia Dobson’s work -Hopi jar, using symbols to tell a story on jars in a drawing) and an art project from Mrs. Mathis’ class (tree paintings).

District 96 Board of Education representative: Cheryl Berdelle, President: Cheryl has been on the Board for 12 years and her third term is up in April 2009. There are four openings on the Board. The Board consists of seven members whose main function is to help the administration and Superintendent set policy for the district. The Board does not micro manage the Principals or Superintendent, if they are not doing their jobs, they will be replaced. The President is selected by the Board at the first meeting for a four year term. The members of the board that are remaining (and whose terms are up in two years) are: Jim Schraidt, Giles McCarthy and Hareena Wakely. The members whose terms are up are Nancy Jensen, Linda Bates, Rich Volpe and Cheryl Berdelle. Board meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month. Items are added to the agenda if the Board President approves them. Public comment is allowed before the meeting, but usually the Board doesn’t comment at that time.

PTA Committee Reports:

Striding Lions: Kathy Dudek reported that the Striding Lions program will take place in January and February. A multigenerational program will be made by the 4th and 5th Grades at the Scottish Home.

Innisbrook: Samantha Durst reported that we raised $6733. The top selling class for K-2 was Mrs. Scaggs and 3-5 was Mr. Elgeness. Each class will receive a pizza party. The top winners were Nicole LaBelle and Destiny Mathis who will receive gift cards to the Zoo. There were many great volunteers, including Deb Catalano, Russ (who unloaded the truck at 7:15 am) and Dr. Limperis. Orders can still be placed on the internet.

Talent Show: Mary Ellen Meindl reported that a modified talent show will take place Tuesday May 26th in the afternoon and Wednesday May 27th in the evening.

P/T Conference Staff Dinner: Nancy Hutchings sent around a sign up sheet for contributing to the Parent-Teacher conference dinner.

Other Business:

Board of Education Meeting Update: Nancy Hutchings reported that enrollment is the agenda item for the November meeting.

Board of Education Elections: Mary Ellen Meindl reported that Art Perry (father of a student at Hollywood), Linda LaBelle and Mary Ellen Meindl are running for the Board of Education. The election is April 11th, 2009.

PTO Business: Linda LaBelle stated that there is a proposal for the Executive Committee for potential changes to the job descriptions of the officers as well as changing from 9 to 8 officers. Under the proposal, the Philanthropy and Fundraising positions would be combined since both go hand in hand. The Corresponding Secretary would become the 3rd V.P. of Member Services and would handle hospitality, track calendar and student directory sign up, child care, reception and correspondence. The President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Parliamentarian would be kept the same. The proposal will be posted on the website. A motion to approve the changes will be made at the January meeting for 2009/10. Job description changes and nominations will begin in January/February.

Announcements: Thank you to all the volunteers.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm
The Minutes are respectfully submitted by Patrick O’Laughlin, Recording Secretary.