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Input Needed for June 23rd Budget Meeting

Posted Jun 20, 2009 | Category: Executive Board, Fundraising, Volunteering

This information was originally posted on June 20, 2009. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

The 2009-2010 budget meeting is happening on June 23rd. If you chaired a committee in 2008-09 or are chairing one in the 2009-10 year, please review the expense line item for your committee. The PTO usually assumes that a committee requires the same amount of funding as was spent last year. If you feel that your committee requires more or less funding, we want to hear that. If you spent a lot of your own money to make an event happen, we want to hear that too! If you have already communicated with the board regarding this issue, we have that request on file and do not need another. Our fundraising VP, Samantha Durst, will be in touch with you if you are chairing a committee that is an income line item.

You can download the budget comparison in PDF or Excel format.

Thanks for your time during the lazy, rainy-so-far, summer days!