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Help Wanted: Central School PTO Committee Chair Volunteers (2009-2010)

Posted Jul 6, 2009 | Category: Book Fair, Cultural Arts, Fundraising, Halloween, No Hassle Fund, Volunteering

This information was originally posted on July 6, 2009. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

seal image courtesy of flickr member yeimayaAre you looking for a great opportunity to help our kids and Central School? If so, we need your help. The following PTO Committee Chair/Co-Chair positions are available and looking for enthusiastic volunteers:

Book Fair – Lead and coordinate the spring fund raiser April 5 – 9, 2010. There are many assistant volunteers to help – we need someone to coordinate their activities in setting up, decorating, scheduling for classrooms, cashiers, and clean-up. This annual event is much loved as it encourages a life-long passion for books and reading.

Central 100% Fund – Promote and monitor participation in the PTO’s most lucrative fund raiser. Please help us lead up this effort to solicit tax-deductible contributions. This funding supports PTO programs and activities. The 100% Fund Chair is a great position for those with availability during non-school hours (you set your schedule!).

Cultural Arts – Classroom – a Co-Chair is needed from October 2009 through May 2010, to ensure the assigned volunteers have their classroom schedules and available materials for the monthly presentations. Please help us facilitate bring the arts into our kids’ classrooms.
(Note – the Cultural Arts Fieldtrip Chair and Co-Chair positions have been filled.)

Halloween Play – Produce our very own PTO Halloween play. A fan favorite! No writing experience needed as we have a playwright, but we lack a producer.

Turn-off-TV Week – let’s “unplug” for a week. We need a Chairperson, or a team of chairpersons, to coordinate this annual event that encourages our kids to turn off the TV, as well as other electronic media (computers, games, music, etc.).

If you are interested in any of these once a year — will not be offered again for a year, opportunities, please e-mail Nancy Hutchings at firstvp-nancy@centralptonews.org or Jennifer Sedivy at

Hope you are enjoying the summer!!