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Fundraising help needed

Posted Nov 12, 2009 | Category: Fundraising

This information was originally posted on November 12, 2009. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Thanks to all who participated on our November board meeting.

We were especially pleased with the high quality of discussion regarding our financial position. As it was mentioned in a previous posting, our fund raising is down $6300. Because of the severity of the numbers, the board recommended a series of cuts and the membership approved these cuts.

Several PTO programs are affected.

  • Our Spring Family Fun night will be scaled back,
  • PTO will no longer be able to provide 5th grade games night t-shirts,
  • The Garden Guru’s will not be spring planting,
  • Our new Environment Club expense is reduced,
  • We will train one less Jr. Great Books leader,
  • Our Cultural Arts Field Trips will be scaled back, and
  • The Science in a Can budget will be reduced.

Even with these cuts, we are still left with a $1300 funding gap.

To help close our $1300 gap, and possibly restore the $6300 cuts the membership approved at the November board meeting, the PTO would like to start a SCRIP PROGRAM.

This program requires manpower. This would entail collecting money, recording orders and distributing gift cards. Please e-mail Samantha Durst ASAP if you can help with this program.