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PTO Meeting Minutes October 6, 2009

Posted Nov 23, 2009 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on November 23, 2009. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Central School PTO Minutes

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introduction: The meeting began at 9:01 am in the library. The PTO officers in attendance: Allyn Pilewski, Jennifer Sedivy, Samantha Durst, Jeanine Vaia, Jane Wilhelm, Nancy Hutchings, Kate Nessinger and Mary Ellen Meindl.

Minutes: A motion to amend the September 1, 2009 minutes was made by Allyn Pilewski to thank Nikki Hajer for making cupcakes. A motion to approve the amendment was made by Mary Ellen Meindl and seconded by Nancy Hopkins. The motion passed.

Officers’ Reports

President: Allyn Pilewski reported that she attended the September District 96 Board of Education meeting. The B.O.E. is discussing the flexible boundary policy and Allyn encourages all parents to attend future meetings. The electronic communication between the PTO and parents is not completely set up. The board requested feedback from the PTO regarding how the membership would like PTO e-flyers distributed. The membership indicated they would like the e-flyers on the PTO website along with the Central website. E-backpack is up and running but not hooked up to feed burner. The district Feedburner service, a service similar to the PTO feedblitz is now an option for the District and Central website. By signing up for the Feedburner service when the websites are updated you will receive notice, between 3:00 – 5:00, that the site has been updated that day. The surveyors will be measuring the school playground Friday to gather information for the Village Building Committee regarding landscaping the playground. A Building Committee meeting will be held on November 17 at 6:00 at Blythe. Allyn encourages all parents to attend and show how important this project is to us. The PTO has $9,000 that can be spent on the playground area. The surveyors measured the school playground last Friday. In November the Building Committee will make a recommendation to the Village.

2nd VP Fundraising: Samantha Durst reported that we have collected $6,100 for the 100% Fund and budgeted $11,000. We have collected $5,500 from Innisbrook with a goal of $12,000. The Target fundraiser earned us $709 from spring to date. Samantha is looking for a volunteer to take on new SCRIP fundraiser. This program gives the PTO up to 5% when gift cards are purchased online.

2nd VP Member Services: Jeanine Vaia asks that we let her know of any special life events occurring in the school community. PTO calendars are for sale in the office at $5. The school directory may be available Friday.

Treasurer: Jane Wilhelm made a motion to amend the budget for $100 to supply reimbursement to teachers. Jane reported there is $9,364 left over from the landscaping fund and during the conversion from PTA to PTO we gave the district the money to hold until Sept 1, 2009. Jane is asking for the money back now and will put it in the PTO checking account. Each year a CPA reviews finances and a tax filing. Audit is complete and the filing is almost done. Jane asks that when collecting money count money and attach to a spread sheet stating the name of person along with cash amount or check number and turn this over within one week. Copies of reimbursement forms are available online.

Principal’s Report: Dr. Limperis reported that the State has made cuts to the budget and will no longer reimburse families for transportation. The school is sending letters to the families to notify them. There will be 1/2 day of school Friday as the school will have parent teacher conferences by invitation only. There will no school Monday and Tuesday. There will be changes made to report cards. The kindergarten and first grade report cards will look the most different. Third graders will no longer receive letter grades. The Fall Map course scores will be discussed at the fall parent teacher conference. There will be a presentation on Map testing at the November PTO meeting.

Teacher’s Report: Ms.Samantha Lutz brought in an assignment from the forth grade class as an example of the “Writing for a Purpose” writing program. Ms. Anastasia Nakis brought in samples from a fifth grade social studies class exercise in which the students write to each other through Wiki spaces. Ms. Nakis reported that the school purchased the new edition of “Everyday Math” and highlighted the improvements.

PTO Committee Reports

Environmental Concerns Committee: Dawn Gmitro reported that this new committee is in planning stages and is focusing on the Ecology Club’s wish list. Some ideas the group may pursue are: zero waste lunch, recycling at school and an energy audit of the school

Special Education Committee: Dr. Mary Polk, Director of Special Education, started this new committee and Mary Judy is the our parent representative. There will be a PTO representative from each school in Districts 96 and perhaps District 208. Mary Judy stated that her the Committee’s goals are to provide community support, increase awareness of special needs individuals and families, to bring special education resources to the local park districts and to be a communication vehicle between parents and teachers.

Cultural Arts, Classroom: Paintings in the hallways our Cultural Art program are being evaluated to determine which ones will be framed. the quality of each paintings frames. The Cultural Arts committee will review and present their finding at the November meeting.

Announcements: Students are needed to paint Halloween pictures for the business district windows. More information can be found at halloweenwindows.org.

The Olmsted Society Riverfest is being held on Sunday, October 18 from 12:30-6:30.

Aberdeen Ozga reported that there is a “Reflections on Poetry” volume, poetry written by our students, at the Riverside Library. The Village Board has approved Riverside Brookfield High School’s arcade mural and that paint donations are being accepted at the Riverside Arts Center.

The meeting adjourned at 10:31 am.

The minutes are respectfully submitted by Kate Nessinger, Recording Secretary.