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Draft PTO Meeting Minutes November 2009

Posted Dec 10, 2009 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on December 10, 2009. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Please review the Draft November PTO minutes for approval at the January 2010 PTO Meeting.

Draft Central School PTO Minutes

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Introduction: The meeting began at 7:01 pm. in the library. The PTO officers in attendance: Allyn Pilewski, Jennifer Sedivy, Samantha Durst, Jeanine Vaia, Jane Wilhelm, Kate Nessinger and Mary Ellen Meindl. Also in attendance: District Superintendent Dr. Lamberson, Central School Principal Dr. Limperis, and Central School reading Specialists Meg O’Brien and Leslie Redmond.

Minutes: Mary Ellen Meindl made a motion to approve the October 6, 2009 minutes, Jeanine Vaia seconded the motion. The motion was passed.

Superintendent’s Report: Dr. Lamberson presented on the Bright Red Apple Award. District 96 is 81st out of 879 IL school districts. District 96 will receive this award again for the 2009-2010 school year. Dr Lamberson reported that The Village of Riverside will not be funding crossing guards next year which values at about $100,000. The District reimbursed the Village for 1 1/2 of 7-8 positions. The School Board of Education will be discussing this. Dr Lamberson reported that the Health Insurance spending for District 96 is less than projected.

Principal’s Report: Dr Limperis reported that the Veterans’ Day assembly will be held tomorrow at 1:00. The PTO is hosting a first time ever reception for veterans to visit with one another in the Hauser cafeteria. On November 20 is a 1/2 school day. The teachers will be working on various topics: anti-bullying training, MAP testing etc. On November 23 are parent / teacher conferences. There is a State Evaluation visit on December 1.

Teacher’s Report: Dr Limperis gave the teacher’s report for Mrs. Nakis. Dr Limperis passed around examples of community and social studies posters done by First Graders and Sixth grade memoirs done for their writing program.

Regie Routman Presentation: Reading Specialists Meg O’Brien and Leslie Redmond reported on the new writing program. Last year a team was appointed to look at a writing program for the district. The Regie Routman program was chosen. Regie Routman in Residence for writing transforms teaching through writing for audience and purpose.  Last year the Literacy Support Team (LiST) trained the Language Arts committee on the process and they have become teacher leaders training K-8 teachers of writing this year.  The process is based on the optimal learning model of teaching where teachers scaffold students from dependence to independence.  Teachers start with demonstration (I do it), the move to shared demonstration (We do it), into guided practice (We do it), finally to Independent practice (You do it).  In writing teachers will immerse students in a genre, demonstrate the writing genre, have public conferences, hold editing conferences, and finally celebrate the learning.  This is based on the writing for audience and purpose.  It makes the writing purposeful to students and therefore motivates them to be invested in their writing and do their best work.  

Officers’ Reports:

President: Allyn Pilewski reported that we are down on our fundraising and therefore need to make budget cuts. Allyn proposed we make changes in the following areas: 5th grade t shirts, PRIDE/Bradford Woods, Programs, Cultural Arts-field trips, Environmental Concerns Committee, Garden Gurus, Jr. Great Books, Science in a Can, Family Fun Nights, Turn-off-the-TV-week, Cameras for Teachers and PTO Administrative Expenses. These cuts will save us $5,000. Melanie Strubbe made a motion to support changes to the budget. Jane Archer seconded the motion. The motion passed to accept the new budget. Allyn reported that the Board of Education is giving each school in District 96 $2,000 for the Artist in Residence program.

2nd VP Fundraising: Samantha Durst reported that she and Jane Wilhelm are working on a SCRIP fundraising plan for this year. She will need volunteers to help collect money for the gift cards.

A letter regarding the 100% fund will be sent to encourage giving this year with a tax benefit.

Treasurer: Jane Wilhelm went over the current budget and reminded members that there is a sales tax form in the office and online to use when making PTO activity purchases.

Board Of Education Report: Jeanine Vaia attended the October Board of Ed meeting. Jeanine reported that parents will be able to access progress information on their children by the end of the third trimester. The teachers can also utilize this to see how students are doing in other classes. The Early Childhood Education program will not be housed at Blythe next year. Hollywood 5th grade students are taking their laptops home. MAP assessment gives us students’ scores quickly. There was a discussion on the H1N1 vaccination program. It was decided that District 96 would not be chosen to or interested in giving out vaccinations at the schools.

PTO Committee Reports:

Library: Jeannine Glavas reported that she is having a book covering Friday after drop off.

Blacktop Stencils: Kate Nessinger reported for Greg Nessinger that a survey of the blacktop is completed and he is working on design with 1st grade teacher, Erin Feldman. Costs of the stencils are higher than anticipated and a fund raising committee may be formed to raise money. There is $400 available from the –’08-’09 Philanthropy expenditure.

Cultural Arts: Allyn Pilewski reported for Molly Carl that art work in the school is being reviewed for framing and re-hanging.


November 17 is the BOE Building Committee Meeting and BOE general meeting

December 14 is the holiday concert

The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm

The minutes are respectfully submitted by Kate Nessinger, Recording Secretary.