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Draft PTO Meeting Minutes January 2010

Posted Jan 29, 2010 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on January 29, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Please review the Draft January PTO meeting minutes for approval at the February 2010 PTO Meeting.

Central School PTO Minutes

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Introduction: The meeting began at 9:04 in the library. PTO Officers in attendance were: Allyn Pilewski, Nancy Hutchings, Jannifer Sedivy, Samantha Durst, Jeanine Vaia, Jane Wilhelm, Mary Ellen Meindl and Kate Nessinger. Also in attendance: District 96 Superintendent, Dr Lamberson, Central School Principal, Dr.Limperis, Central School Teachers Samantha Lutz and Bill Howes.

Minutes: A motion was made to approve the November meeting minutes by Mary Ellen Meindl and seconded by Jeanine Vaia. The motion was passed.

Superintendent’s Report: Dr Lamberson reported that construction at Hauser is out to bid. It is likely that the work will be completed this summer. The landscaping and walkways around the school playground is not formally approved yet as part of the playground is on Village property. Dr Lamberson hopes this project will also be accomplished this summer. Dr Lamberson is looking for help identifying Kindergarten students for next year. Planning survey should have been sent home in backpacks. They are also contacting preschools to get us much information as possible. The school would like to make a commitment to full day kindergarten, but there is concern that they cannot sustain classroom space for it.

Principal’s Report: Dr Limperis thanked Dawn Gmitro for supporting the writing initiative this year with the Esther Hershenhorn workshop. Information can be accessed at www.estherhershenhorn.com. Ms Hershenhorn will be working with students on Feb. 12 and April 16. The January Leadership Team will plan how Ms Hershenhorn will be incorporated into the initiative. Dr Limperis reported that each teacher at Central has a web page and they will begin adding their newsletters to the web page. Martin Luther King Day is Monday so school will be closed. January 29 is a half day. There will be a Jane Adams program in the morning of the 29th. Activities to prepare for and follow up resources about Jane Addams and the program will be given to teachers.

Teacher’s Report: Samantha Lutz reported that she updates her web page the first week of each month including her classroom newsletter. She believes the other teachers do the same. Classroom web pages can be accessed through the Central web page. Fourth Grader, Jack Sagan’s grandfather will perform George Washington for the fourth and fifth grade students at Hauser on Thursday morning. This and next week the teachers are testing for the guided reading group. This is the first year they have tested reading mid year. Fourth grade teachers are preparing for ISAT. There will be parent/teacher conferences in February. Teachers will request a conference if there are concerns or if the teacher hasn’t met the parent yet. Parents may request a conference as well.

Music Curriculum: Music teacher Bill Howes reported that he is proposing to the Board of Education, Education Committee to have a Veterans Day show, a Holiday show for grades K-3 and a spring show for grades 4-5. He would like the fourth and fifth graders to have exposure to more than patriotic and holiday music. He would like the fourth and fifth graders’ performance to be more challenging and theatrical which performing at the end of the school year would allow them time to learn.

Outside Canberra by Flickr member Ryan Wick

Officers’ Reports

President’s Report: Allyn Pileweski reported that as per the bylaws two PTO Executive Board members, an alternate and three from the general membership and an alternate are required to form a Nominating Committee for the 2010/2011 PTO Executive Board. The proposed members of the Nominating Committee are: Mary Ellen Meindl and Jeanine Vaia with Jennifer Sedivy as alternate from the Executive Board and Tracey Sloan, Sandy Briolat, and Erin Durkin with Aberdeen Ozga as alternate from the general membership. Allyn made a motion to approve the Nominating Committee and Dawn Gmitro seconded the motion. The motion passed. Treasurer’s Report: Jane Wilhelm reported that the District 96 landscaping fund is now in a CD. The PTO checking is now changed from National City to Riverside Bank where it will earn interest and there is free use of credit cards. Hauser has now converted from PTA to PTO. A $281 check has been received from Box tops. The CPA who the PTO uses is now subject to a peer review so it isn’t worth her while to review the PTO account. A Parent Audit Committee has completed the review in the past. Two to three parents will be needed to spend about 2 hours in July and August to complete the review. The CPA suggested cash deposit procedures be tightened up. Deposit slips are now required and available on the web site and in the office. Cash and checks collected for the PTO have to be turned in within 5 days.

Fundraising: Cathy Daun, Brick Pavers Program Committee Chair, reported that $1,000 worth of bricks have been sold. Each brick is $100. Samantha Durst, Second VP, reported that since Thanksgiving $208 has been raised from the SCRIP program with Riverside Foods who gives 5% back to the PTO. $600 has been raised from the 100% fund since the end of the year plea. There are 40 people in the Riverside community registered with the Target program. Target gives PTO up to 1% of monies spent on their credit card at any store.

Correspondence: Jeanine Vaia passed around thank you notes given to the PTO from Central staff.

December Board of Education Meeting: Nancy Hutchings reported that the Village of Riverside eliminated from their budget funding for crossing guards. The BOE is putting together a resolution. The BOE asked Dr Lamberson to talk to the Village informally. Riverside Brookfield High School is not interested in hiring a crossing guard at First Ave.

Committee Reports

Workshop Residence Project: Dawn Gmitro, Artist in Residence Committee Chair, discussed the Esther Hershenhorn workshop. Ms Hershenhorn is willing to incorporate what is being taught through the Regie Routman writing program in her workshop. The workshop is funded by the Board of Ed grant. The goal is to publish a book for each class or each grade with options to check out these books at the school library or purchase them. Publishing costs have not yet been determined. Next year Hollywood school is having Brian Fox Ellis, a storyteller, perform for the students. PTO is considering funding his performance at Central next year.

Lightening Thief Movie Project: Kathy Dudek reported that she and Jennifer Perry, parent from Hollywood school, approached Classic Cinemas in North Riverside and AMC to sell tickets on opening day, February 12, for an afternoon showing of “The Lightening Thief”. The theatre holds 800 people. This would be open to all school to attend. Kathy and Jennifer discussed charging the actual ticket price of $5.50/ticket charge with the fundraiser being a raffle. Kathy proposed raffling off posters and books donated by the Cinema Cinemas. Much discussion was had on an additional mandatory service fee to support our Artist in Residence project. Much discussion was had that a the Central community wouldn’t support a raffle. Nancy Hopkins made a motion to increase the ticket price to $6.00. Jennifer Sedivy seconded the motion. Motion passed. Dawn Gmitro made another motion to raise the ticket price to $7.00 and Kate Nessinger seconded the motion. A vote 16 for the $7 ticket price ($5.50 for the ticket and a mandatory $1.50 contribution to the PTO) and 2 opposed. The motion passed. Kathy will discuss the PTO decision with Jennifer Perry knowing that this was Central’s decision for Central.

Flexible Boundary Committee: Greg Nessinger, Central’s Representative to the BOE committee, reported that the group is evaluating the guidelines of the Flexible Boundary policy. The policy was established in 2002 when there was a large discrepancy in the number of students/classroom between the differing District 96 schools; some schools had 15 children in a classroom while another school had 30. The policy helped equalize classroom size across the district, but recently there has been issues where the policy wasn’t followed (families split between different schools, kids placed at a school farthest from school, families in Hollywood district being moved to different schools, etc). The committee will evaluate the policy, possibly rewrite it, and make recommendations to the school board. Meetings are open to the public. Next meeting is Jan 14th at 7pm in Hauser Library.

Library: Jeannine Glavas Cowell reported there will be a shelving blitz in the library Friday from 8:30-9:30 and book covering at 1:30. The following Friday at 8:30 is another shelving blitz.

Ecology Club: Michelle Marconi reported that there is a meeting this Thursday on solar energy for 3rd and 4th graders at 3:05 in Mrs. Johnson’s room.

Program Chairs: Jennifer Sedivy reported that the Chairs of Science in a Can and Preschool Screening will send a feedblitz seeking volunteers.

Junior Great Books: Aberdeen Ozga reported that Jr. Great Books starts next week.

The Meeting adjourned at 10:32 am.
The minutes are respectfully submitted by Kate Nessinger, Recording Secretary