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Central’s Yearbook, The Roadrunner, needs your pictures

Posted Feb 8, 2010 | Category: Reminders

This information was originally posted on February 8, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Can it really be true that we are already 5 months into the school term?? We have had many fun and interesting events and The Roadrunner would like to capture them in the 2009-2010 Yearbook.

Please gather all you photos of class parties, events and outings and put them on a CD. You can deliver them to the PTO mailbox, attention Kim Frank or drop them in Kim Franks’s mailbox at 46 Woodside Road.

If you cannot burn a CD, you can email to Kim Frank but the quality is not as good when we reproduce them for the book. If you are emailing, please send large files and only a couple at a time. The email address is RoadrunnerPhotos@comcast.net.

Room Parents,
Please ask your teachers for the photos off of their cameras. We don’t want to miss a thing!  Also, this Friday is the “Percy Jackson” movie outing. Let’s capture this fun event too!!!