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Draft February General Meeting Minutes

Posted Feb 13, 2010 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on February 13, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Minutes – February 2, 2010

Approval of January meeting minutes. Motion made by Mary Judy; seconded by Jeanine Vaia.
Dr. Lamberson:
Landscaping – “good to go”–approval to move forward in the summer on the next phase of the project to improve the area by the climbing equipment in front of Central. Landscaping projects at Central and Hauser will be implemented over the summer and, hopefully, conclude before school starts in the fall. He is working through the Village approval process.
Parent meeting tomorrow (2/3/2010) at Central for the laptop initiative so the remaining 5th grade students can begin to bring their laptops home on occasion to complete homework assignments, as has been done at Hollywood.
International Baccalaureate Study Group made a presentation to the Board of Education last month with their findings and recommendations. The Board will take up some of their suggestions and begin to explore implementing World Language in the District Curriculum in the next 1-2 years. After April, more information will be available as to needs for study groups, parental input needs, more specific details, etc.
Dr. Limperis:
Esther Hershenhorn will be coming on 2/12/2010 for her first visit to the school! This is the first of her two half-day visits in which she will visit each classroom and merge her creative writing talents with our Regie Routman writing initiative we have been using this year in the curriculum. The goal for the year is for each classroom or grade to create a book to publish.
March 4th is Kindergarten Information Night at Central.
March 5th begins Kindergarten registration for one week.
Snowball wall!! There is a new snowball wall at recess for the kids to play in the snow and hurl snowballs at the wall. They can also wear snowpants and boots to school and play on the Hauser field.
Ms. Nakis:
Ms. Nakis filled us in on all of the wonderful curricular happenings in the school! She started with the world of technology in the 5th grade, where Mr. Elgeness recently won a technology award for a European Podcast project that his 5th graders all completed earlier this year!! She also demonstrated some Wiki and Voci and Voicethread pages where students can all do work and talk to each other and the teacher. She also passed around some winter work and poems and computer generated work from the 3rd and 4th grade classrooms, as well.
2/12/2010 is an early release day and parents are welcome to make appointments to meet with teachers if they feel a need to communicate with a teacher at this time.
Mr. Wolf:
The guidance counselor from Hauser came to speak to our PTO about bullying. The program the teachers have received training on over the last two years has been very effective at Hauser and more teachers at Central are receiving the training, as well.
Mr. Wolf has resources on his web page regarding parenting books and information regarding this matter.
“Ease the Tease” is the elementary school version of the bullying program and Laurie Swanson can be contacted for any bullying questions or issues at Central.
Bradford Woods is the 8th grade trip this year for team building/drug awareness/violence prevention program. It is the first time students will attend this new program in Indiana.
Mrs. Mary Ellen Meindl:
Mary Ellen oversaw the nominating committee this year. They proposed two new amendments to our current by-laws: to allow for co-presidents. Then, also to extend the time allowed for the president and treasurer to be able to serve their terms.
Mrs. Jane Wilhelm:
We have sold $4,500 in Riverside Foods gift certificates!!
Mrs. Molly Carl:
Cultural Arts is running along smoothly. Almost all slots have been filled for all classroom presentations (over 300!)!
Pictures have been moved around in the school for some variety.
The closet upstairs has been cleaned up and organized and looks great!
The recommendation is made that a plan be made for repair and reframing needs for some old and worn paintings.
Mrs. Dawn Gmitro:
Dawn echoed Dr. Limperis’s comments regarding Esther Hershenhorn’s exciting visit to Central next week.
Ecology Club update: great success, many students! They received a $25 award from the Olmsted Society for their work. They are working on introducing a “zero waste lunch” during Earth Week this spring. More details to come.
Mrs. Kathy Dudek:
PTO fundraiser: “The Lightning Thief” movie comes out Friday, February 12th. Central PTO and Hollywood’s PTA have rented the theater at North Riverside for a private showing of the movie on opening day. Details are available on Feed Blitz.
Mr. Greg Nessinger:
The Flexible Boundary Committee has met again to continue to discuss the original intent of the committee and how or if those goals are serving our community today.
Greg is also researching some stencils for the Central playground.