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Book Fair Volunteers Needed

Posted Mar 12, 2010 | Category: Book Fair, Volunteering

This information was originally posted on March 12, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

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Book Fair Diner…all you can read!

Have an appetite for reading?

A great Book Fair can never have
too many cooks in the kitchen!

If you have not signed up as a volunteer yet, but would like to do so, there is still time. Simply contact Lisa Veon, who is making up the volunteer schedule for the Book Fair.

The Fair begins with set up on Monday, April 5th and ends with tear-down on the following Monday, April 12th. Choose the day and hour that you would like to participate, and don’t miss the fun of…

  • cashiering
  • helping students find the perfect book
  • or giving a helping hand in the set up or take down

We appreciate your support in whatever form it takes!

To sign up, please contact Lisa Veon: .

Download the original flyer here.

all you can read