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Draft PTO Meeting Minutes March 2010

Posted Mar 25, 2010 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on March 25, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

These minutes were approved at the April 2010 PTO meeting. You will find an archived copy here.

Draft Central School PTO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday March 9, 2010

Introduction: The meeting began at 9:07 a.m. in the library. PTO officers in attendance were: Allyn Pilewski, Jeanine Vaia, Samantha Durst, Mary Ellen Meindl, Jennifer Sedivy, Jane Wilhelm and Kate Nessinger. Also in attendance were Central School teachers Mrs. Meg O’Brien and Mrs. Samantha Lutz.

Minutes: Mary Ellen Meindl requests a change be made to the February minutes regarding the nominating committee. Jeanine Vaia made a motion to adopt the admended February minutes, Michelle Marconi seconded the motion. The motion was passed. (A copy of the Feburary approved minutes is available on our web site.)

Ecology Club: A presentation on the activities of the Ecology Club was made by 4 student members; Derek Johnson on Mr. Jerry Marconi’s Solar Energy Presentation, William Flaherty on supporting the Riverside community by doing clean ups w/ the Fredrick Law Olmsted Society, Jimmy Skiest on no waste lunches initiative and Karoli Esparza on their Miller Woods hikes and outdoor trips. The Ecology Club is open to all fourth and fifth graders. They have a fundraiser planned to sell stainless steel water bottles.

Principal’s Report: Mrs. Meg O’Brien filled in for Dr Janice Limperis. Ms. O’Brien reported that the teachers were very receptive of the Esther Hershenhorn program which reinforced the school’s writing initiative. Ms. Hershenhorn has worked with K-2 already and will return in April for the 3-5 grade programs.

Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Samantha Lutz reported that the Hershenhorn program went well and that first grade teacher, Mrs. Feldman, is working on writing with a class at Ames. Mrs. Lutz reported that on Fridays the students pick a song and they sing and dance at the end of the day. Spring Break is March 29. There is an early release day on Friday March 26. There is an open house on April 22. Mrs. Lutz passed around leprechaun stories written by Mrs. Murdoch’s first graders. The writing curriculum will be finalized next year across the district.

Officer’s Reports

President’s Report: Allyn Pilewski reported that three by-laws have been out for review for 30 days. The PTO needs 14 members to approve. The first by-law is to allow for a co-presidency. Nancy Hopkins made a motion to allow for a co-presidency. Jeanine Vaia seconded the motion. The motion passed. The other two motions are to extend the term of the treasurer and president. Jeanine Vaia spoke on behalf of the nominating committee. Jeanine explained the nominating committee originally wanted to extend the terms of these two positions as there was a specific person in mind for treasurer. The nominating committee has determined that this change is not in the best interest of the PTO and has asked to revoke the by-law revision. The treasurer and president terms will continue to be limited to 2 years. The membership agreed.

Treasurer’s Report: Jane Wilhelm reported that we will be selling the Roadrunner year book for $5.50/copy. We have $10,000.00-$11,000.00 in reserve money in our checking account. Jane stated $4,000 – 6,000 is usually carried over for cash flow reasons. District 96 gave $2,000.00 for the Artist in Residence program and monies raised by the Lightening Thief fundraiser helped our budget. The treasurer needs 3 people to do an end of year audit. Sandy Briolat, Amy Jacksic and Sue Pipal volunteered.

1st VP Report: Jennifer Sedivy reported that there is no longer a need to have a Room Parent Gathering at the end of summer. Jennifer stated that they may have it after the school year begins as information can be given to room parents electronically beforehand. Information may be disseminated at the first day of school gathering. Jennifer reported that the Committee Chair Folders were turned in to different places last year. If the chair doesn’t change that Chair can keep the folder. The decision as to where the folders should be turned in is not finalized, but should be by the next meeting.

2nd VP Report: Samantha Durst reported that the majority of the fundraising is complete for ’09-’10 year. $7,900.00 was raised in the 100% fund compared to $8,000.00 last year. Cathy Daun is sending a letter regarding the brick pavers fundraiser in the Kindergarten Packet. Sam passed out a Job Description including a proposed change to the fundraising mission statement. The new mission statement reads: To evaluate fundraisers based on their dollar performance and man-hours needed. Evaluate fundraising conditions and add/subtract fundraisers as economic conditions dictate ensuring programs benefiting all students are fully funded. Explore passive fundraising opportunities to allow parents to volunteer for more curriculum based parent-teacher all school activities. Present and Past Parliamentarians agreed that a general agreement was acceptable for a change of Job Descriptions. The membership agreed to the proposed change. Samantha suggested we launch a Great Lakes scrip program. This would be as easy as ordering gift cards online for purchases families already make. A Chair is needed for this committee next year. There are schools earning $80,000.00/year through Great Lakes.

Samantha presented the Auction fundraiser Laura Durkin has offered to coordinate. The auction will be a bi-annual fundraiser for the Cultural Arts and Artist-in-Residence program. The goal for the auction is $10,000.00. The fundraiser will include a silent auction and raffle. Sam spoke to Dr. Limperis who reported that the Teacher Leadership Team is excited and wants to participate. Items to be auctioned include: teacher donations of teacher-student activities, kids’ artwork, local business donations and vacations. Heather Tinel has volunteered to help students create the auctioned artwork. The venue of choice is PJ Klems and would include dinner, dancing, a DJ, drinks and auction. The proposed ticket price is $25-30.00. Three committees will be needed: Auction/Party Committee, Advertising Committee and a Programs Committee. If auction is approved by PTO the next steps to take are obtaining donations, committees, and meet with Dr Limperis. The children’s art project will start next year. Samantha asked permission to launch the auction. Jeanine Glavas made a motion to proceed with the auction fundraiser, Jeanine Vaia seconded the motion. The motion passed.

3rd VP Correspondence: Jeanine Vaia reported that the ’09-’10 yearbook price is $5.50. The ’10-’11 calendar will cost $5.00 which is up from last year in order to be priced the same as the other schools in the district. The yearbook will be distributed in June so as to have photos of all the fifth grade activities.

President’s Report: Allyn Pilewski anticipates that we will be in the black $800.00 this year. Given this positive financial picture. she suggested that the PTO restore $200.00 to 5th grade t-shirts, $100.00 to Cougar Advance, $250.00 to Garden Gurus and $150.00 to Cultural Arts Field Trips. This totals $700.00. Dawn Gmitro made a motion to restore these cuts. Jeanine Vaia seconded the motion. The motion passed. Also mentioned was typically the PTO has about $2,000 – $4,000 annually to spend on the end of year philanthropy requests from the staff and membership. Allyn anticipates spending the reserve money on philanthropy this year.

Landscaping Money: The PTO has $9,600.00 left over from the fundraising for the playground equipment. We will be donating this money to the district to help play for the playground landscaping, which is occurring this summer.

Committee Reports

Nominating Committee: Sandy Briolat reported that the 5 member nominating committee made up of 2 members of the executive board: Jeanine Vaia and Mary Ellen Meindl, 3 members of the general membership: Sandy Briolat, Erin Durkin and Tracy Sloan and 2 alternates: Jennifer Sedivy and Aberdeen Ozga have collected one nominee for each office. The slate will have 2 co-presidents: Jeanine Glavas and Samantha Durst, 1st VP’s: Erin Durkin and Tracy Sloan, 2nd VP: Sue Pipal, 3rd VP: Jeanine Vaia, Treasurer: Patrick O’Laughlin, Recording Secretary: Kate Nessinger and Parliamentarian: Allyn Pilewski. Allyn stated that nominations from the floor are allowed by the by-laws. The nominee has to be present and only membership present can vote. Allyn thanked the Nominating Committee.

Clothes Closet: Nikki Hajer reported on the Clothes Closet program which collects gently used snow gear for Central students to borrow for recess. Nikki stated that a feed blitz will be sent out asking for donations.

Book Fair: Amy Jacksic reported that a diner theme is being used this year to promote this year’s book fair. The book fair runs from April 5-9. Volunteers are needed. The book fair raised $10,000.00 last year. The goal this year is $11,000.00. The One for Books program raises money to buy books for Central students needing assistance, the classroom libraries and the Infant Welfare Society in Chicago.

Ecology Club: Dawn Gmitro reported that the Ecology Club is panning a zero waste lunch during Earth Week, April 19. They will set up a library display during that week.

Artist in Residence: Dawn Gmitro reported that an Esther Hershenhorn book will be sold at the Book Fair. Esther Hershenhorn will return again in April. Dawn is investigating a short residency for next year with the storyteller, Brian “Fox” Ellis (foxtalesint.com). Hollywood school is looking at a program with Fox Ellis as well.

Announcements: Allyn Pilewski thanked the Preschool Screener helpers, Riverside Foods Gift Certificate scrip members, Audrey Korslund for the Ice Skating Party, all the PE Helpers lead by Cathy Louthen that helped with the Presidential Fitness Awards and all other PTO members who made February a successful month.

Nancy Hopkins promoted the Hauser Junior High School play, Casablanca, being performed March 23 and 24 at 7:00.

The meeting adjourned at 10:23. The minutes are respectfully submitted by Kate Nessinger, Recording Secretary.