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Book Fair a HUGE success

Posted Apr 11, 2010 | Category: Book Fair

This information was originally posted on April 11, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

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The 2010 Book Fair Chairwomen
Beverly Aieta, Amy Jacksic and Kim Macchia

would like to recognize and thank the many, many volunteers who contributed to the success of this year’s book fair. We are still finalizing the finances but are confident that this year was even more successful than last year. We look forward to sharing with you what we will do with the earnings to benefit the school. We have already gifted to the Central School Library close to 100 books on the library’s wish list from the profits from the book fair. The books were delivered to our library last Friday.

Our Book Fair subcommittee chairpeople were:

Cheryl Dowling

Karina Esparza

Nancy Hopkins

Angela Izzo

Katie Leander

Michelle Marconi

Patrick O’Laughlin

Jennifer Talbot

Lisa Veon

We had many volunteers walk through the doors asking how they could help and many others who officially signed up. We are sorry if we do not personally recognize you but please note that your time spent was greatly appreciated.

Some of those who helped out were:

Cheryl Bennett, Nancy Berger, Sandy Briolat, Melinda Brom, Vilma Brown, Michelle Burton, Molly Carl, Peter Carl, Nancy Connelly, Monica Degand, Virginia Dorenbos, Kathy Dudek, Erin Durkin, Samantha Durst, Nikki Epstein, Karina Esparza, Nadine Esposito, Anne Flynn, Carole Fortman, Patti Friend, Jennifer Gentile, Jeannine Glavis, Dawn Gmitro, Deann Gruber, Nikki Hajer, Michelle Hejna, Nina Henderson, Nancy Hutchings, Mary Komperda, Cathy Louthen, Karen Maher, Michelle Marconi, Mary Ellen Meindl, Jacqueline Miller, Lynda Murphy, Stephanie O’Brien, Patrick O’Laughlin, Jennifer Pacourek, Allyn Pilewski, Andrew Pilewski, Mary Robertson, Mary Jo Robling, Chris Rocco, Tracy Sloan, Jeannine Vaia, Lisa Veon, Jane Wilhelm, Vanessa Wilkowski and Deanna Zalas

Many of you saw first hand the amount of effort and volunteers it required to make this book fair a success.

It took close to 75 volunteers to make this fair a great one. If you would like to be involved in some way next year in any capacity, large or small, please email Amy Jacksic.