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Committee Chair Acknowledgements 2009-2010

Posted May 10, 2010 | Category: Volunteering

This information was originally posted on May 10, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Central School

just would not be the exciting and fabulous place it is without the


by the Committees and those who Chair them

We would like to award the following awards to. . . .

Kids Art – The “Take Home Test” award goes to Krista Varady and Jennifer Gentile for successfully navigating the challenging “at home” version of the Kids Art project this year.

Spirit Wear – The “Fashion Diva” award goes to Elaine Cinkay and Diane Grossi for the awesome tie-dye Roadrunner fashion statement introduction.

Book Fair – The “Almighty Hallelujah” award goes to Amy Jacksic and Kim Macchia for grabbing tight hold of the “book fair baton” as it was passed from veteran masters, Nancy Hopkins and Beverly Aieta! Not only did the new chairs learn the ropes, but they raised a whole lot of money and had a very successful fair for Central School this year! Yippee!!

Soup Labels – The “Souper Mom” award goes to Michelle Hruska for running our box tops and soup label program for so many years and raising hundreds of dollars for pto and the school!

Birthday Boards – The “Blood from a Stone” award goes to Monica Degand for creating wonderful and creative birthday boards with no camera, no budget and no helper this year!!! Amazing!

Cultural Arts: Artist in Residence – The “Overwhelmed and Underpaid Award” goes to Dawn Gmitro whose passion for artist in residence shined again this year with the wonderful Esther Hershenhorn program at each grade level.

Cultural Arts: Field Trips – The “Ultra-organized/Working Mom & Volunteer” award goes to Ingrid Lulich and Dorie Skiest for doing a fabulous job orchestrating numerous large field trip endeavors!

Education Committee – The “No Child Left Behind” award goes to Mary Judy for putting her heart and soul into the beginnings of a committee that will be important for all children and their inclusion in the school community.

Environmental Concerns – The “Best New Pilot Program” Award goes to Dawn Gmitro and her super hip environmentally friendly committee! This group, along with the Ecology Club and the dedicated efforts of Holly Machina, Sue Pipal, Michelle Marconi, and several other environmentally conscious parents and helpers, have been instrumental in getting our school on a path to a greener future! Hip Hip Hooray!

Family Fun Night – The “Weather Goddess Award” goes to Tracy Sloan, Katie Cavanaugh, Michele Mendoza, and Vicki Young for remaining calm, cool and collected while facing a stressful rain-location dilemma the night of their first event in September. Boy, did they make the right call to stay outdoors!!

5th Grade Games Night – The “Set the Bar High” award goes to Kim Bolton, Cyndie Robinson-Hane, Michelle Hejna, and Diane Grossi for helping organize a night of incredible fun for all 5th graders in the district. The evening ran so smoothly and great fun was had by all!

Flying Carpet Club – The “Ali-Babah” award goes to Aberdeen Ozga for keeping the carpet flying for those Great Books readers for yet another year at Central!

Garden Gurus – The “Smith & Hawken” award goes to Michelle Marconi for sleuthing out the best clearance sale and getting some amazing gardening items at great cost for us!

Halloween Play – The “11th Hour Award” goes to Cheryl Dowling for directing the Central Players in another entertaining stage production!

Hike & Bike to School – “Re-invent the Wheel” award goes to Melanie Strubbe and Jodi Connelly who planned and executed our hike & bike week while the missing folder from the prior year was never recovered.

Ice Cream Social – The “Willy Wonka” award goes to Nadine Esposito and Mary Jurgens for orchestrating the all-time-favorite ice cream social and doing a fantastic job of keeping the students well-sugared while parents purchased books to support our school!

Ice Skating & Roller Skating – The “Roller Derby” award goes to Audrey Korslund for keeping a level head through the planning and executing of both popular skating days!

KidsCare – The “Helping Hands” award goes to Cheryl Dowling for giving to this effort for many years running and continuing to raise money for our local families in need.

Kindergarten Picnic – “Miss Southern Hospitality, well, okay, Midwestern Hospitality” goes to Erin Durkin for doing such a nice job these past few years organizing the kindergarten welcome picnic!

Library – The “Bookworm Award” goes to Jeannine Glavas for creating a system in the libraries that the librarians have come to rely upon over the years!

Little Symphony – The “Cultural Awareness” award goes to Alisa Jerz for keeping the Little Symphony performance happening for our students.

Living Classroom – The “Tulip and Trowel Award” goes to Mabel Mullins who spent a great deal of time searching for the tools in order to dig the garden for the 3rd grade classrooms!

Preschool Screening – The “Easy Cheesy Lemon Squeezy” award goes to Nancy Connelly for making this multi-day, multi-volunteer extravaganza appear to be a “walk in the park.”

Webmaster – The “Wizard” award goes to Chris Hajer for being the man behind the curtain for Central’s website for several years. He is our technology guru and we would be lost without his guidance!

Read to Succeed – The “6 Flags of Fun and Organization” award goes to Maureen Zalewski for keeping track of all of the reading logs and Great America tickets for so many years for this program!!

District Calendar – The “Compromise my Summer Break” award goes to Julie Tucek and Melinda Brom for undertaking the District Calendar task!

School Supplies – The “Pack Mule Relief” award goes to Lynnette Johnson for helping create a plan so the kids do not have to haul their school supplies from school and then back again in the fall this year!

Student Directory – The “Excel Savvy Revision Queen” award goes to Sandy Briolat for shouldering this enormous task!

Teacher Appreciation Lunch and Teacher Appreciation Week – The “Appreciate the Appreciators” award goes to Maura Braun and Krista Varady (lunch), and Melinda Brom and Lauren Zobel (week) who all do an incredible job organizing and executing their events, which require many volunteers, donations, etc. Great job, everyone!

Turn Off TV/Electronics Week – The “Girl Scout” award goes to Cathy Louthen, Susan Lynch and Colleen Liegge for being the quintessential volunteers. When no one else stepped up to run this event, they took the reins and, with the help of their girl scout troop, had a fantastic and popular week, capped off with a fun fair at school that was attended by 100 kids! Super Job Girl Scouts!

Roadrunner Yearbook – The “Photo-Finish” award goes to Kim Bolton and Kim Frank for always doing such a super fine job with the yearbook, even with the last minute pressures of getting in end-of-year photos and meeting final publishing dates!

and a special thanks to Jennifer Sedivy, 1st VP for providing her creativity in writing these awards

Thanks Jenn!!