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2010 – 2011 PTO News

Posted May 17, 2010 | Category: Executive Board, Volunteering

This information was originally posted on May 17, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

PTO Committee Openings

Extension for Committee and Room Parent Sign-Up – May 21st

Thanks to all of you who have already submitted your committee and room parent applications! Confirmations will be coming shortly to those who have been assigned to committee chair positions. Thanks in advance for volunteering your time and energy to make our PTO programs a success next year. There are several committee chair positions still available and a listing of those is provided below.

As you may know, our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) provides countless opportunities to get involved, whether as a Room Parent or Committee Volunteer. Even if your time is limited, there is a place for you in our PTO! Room Parent and Committee volunteer assignments take place this summer before school starts in the fall.

So please do not forget to submit theCommittee Application and/or Room Parent Letter 2010-2011 located on the Central PTO Website. Paper copies are also available in the school office for your convenience. We are extending our deadline for submissions to Friday, May 21st and all forms should be submitted to the PTO mailbox located in the school office. Questions regarding volunteering for the PTO next year? Feel free to contract Erin Durkin or Tracy Sloan.

Committee chair positions still available:

Innisbrook Wrap and Gifts:
Help make one of our largest fundraisers a success by being part of a big team to motivate the kids to sell premium gift wrap and gifts. Online ordering and other processing make this fundraiser a cinch! You just have to get the kids excited to ask friends and family to purchase the high quality product. Fundraiser runs from mid-September through delivery in November.

Spirit Wear:
Research vendors, prepare flier, take orders, and distribute Central School sweatshirts, tshirts, etc. Spirit Wear sale takes place early in school year.

Central 100% Fund:
Back by popular demand! Promote and monitor participation in the PTO’s most lucrative fund- raiser! Solicit tax-deductible contributions (primarily from the Central School community) to provide funds needed for budgeted PTO programs and activities. A good job for working parent since most can be done from home with few, if any, meetings required.

Communicate information regarding the Target program and educate parents as to the benefits of registering their credit card with Central Elementary as the recipient of up to 1% of all purchases. Distribute flyers and communicate several times a year.

Cultural Arts, Artist-in-Residence Coordinator:
One person to investigate and coordinate the Artist-in-Residency programs for the school.

Family Night Program(s):
Plan, organize and execute family social events at Central.

Flying Carpet Club:
This is a fun format for introducing children grades 1-5 to stories of literary merit from around the world selected by the Great Books Foundation. Using “shared inquiry” method of discussion, plus a healthy dose of creativity, we lead small groups of 6-8 children once-a week on literary adventures during the lunch/recess hour. The club meets 10 weeks between return from Winter break January until Spring break in March.

Halloween Festivities at Central School:
Assist in the planning and execution of the Halloween day celebrations.

Halloween Village Event:
Coordinate Central School’s participation in the district-wide creative Halloween program (directed by Ames School in 2010). Collect forms and gives to Ames.

Hike and Bike to School:
Plan and promote a week of awareness and activities promoting walking or riding bikes to school. (Fall Program)

Ice-skating Party:
Involves reserving an ice rink, sending out promotional fliers and coordinating volunteers to provide baked goods and refreshments. February event (on a Friday, if using the rink we have used in years past).

P.R./Media Coordinator:
One person to inform media of school events for the purpose of getting photos and articles into the local paper.

Student Directory:
Are you Excel savvy?? If so, this may be the job for you!! During the first 2 weeks of September, you will arrange for the typing, printing, and distribution of the school directory.

Teacher Appreciation Week:
Help plan and implement a weeklong event in May to recognize our teachers.