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Draft PTO Meeting Minutes May 2010

Posted Jul 15, 2010 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on July 15, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Draft Central School PTO Meeting Minutes

Tuesday May 4, 2010

summer porchIntroduction: The meeting began at 8:58 am in the Central School library. PTO Officers in attendance were Allyn Pilewski, Jennifer Sedivy, Samantha Durst, Jeanine Vaia, Jane Wilhelm, Kate Nessinger and Mary Ellen Meindl. Also in attendance were Principal Dr. Limperis and teachers Mrs. Meg O’Brien and Mrs. Sam Lutz.

Ugly Mug Award: An ugly mug contest was initiated by the Environmental Awareness Committee. Samantha Durst and Michelle Marconi judged the contest and determined the ugliest mug was brought in by Lara Gatermann. Second place was awarded to Dawn Gmitro and third to Kate Nessinger. Everyone is encouraged to bring in reusable mugs to future PTO meetings.

Principal’s Report: Dr Limperis reported that May is busy with field trips and end of year activities. Registration for new and returning students is available online. Registration can be sent into the school office before end of school year or dropped off at the district office this summer. August 13 is late registration day. Dr Limperis stated that books are being worked on for the Artist in Residence program with Esther Hershenhorn. The students’ books will be bound and shared in the fall. Dr Limperis reported that there is space in the room with the kiln to collect “Clothes Closet” winter clothes for students to borrow for recess. Nikki Hajer will organize the “closet” with donated hats, mittens and other winter outerwear. An aid can take the students in need to the closet before going out to recess. Dr Limperis stated that we will have 2 morning and one afternoon kindergarten class next year. A letter will go out about changes in staff.

Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Sam Lutz noted that the Esther Hershenhorn program was a success and that Esther had too many ideas to keep up with. The teachers are incorporating some of the ideas into their lesson plans. The Open House was a great success. There was a large turnout of families which may be due to having it in April instead of May when outdoor sports teams are playing. Mrs. Lutz thanked the PTO for the Book Fair. Mrs. Lutz reported that the classrooms are having their end of year awards, such as Science in a Can and 100% attendance, informally in the classroom. The fifth graders will have a ceremony on May 24 which the third and forth graders will attend. Mrs Lutz thanked the PTO for the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and stated that the staff is looking forward to it. June 2 is the last day of school when students come in just for report cards. The last day for fifth graders is Tuesday, June1. The teachers are planning their end of year parties and contacting Room Parents for help.

Officer’s Reports:

Veranda Acrylic GlassesTreasurer’s Report: Jane Wilhelm handed out her account totals. Jane noted that we still have to pay $8,000 for Book Fair costs and $9,000 for landscaping over the summer.

Jane stated that this is the first year we are collecting all yearbook money in the spring. Jane suggests that parents turn in their fifth grade end of year receipts. Jane made a motion to restore the Science in a Can budget to $275. Jeanine Vaia seconded the motion. The motion passed. Jane presented a gift of chocolates to Mr. Russell Moytokowski, the school custodian, for helping the PTO throughout the year.

President’s Report: Allyn Pilewski handed off the gavel to Jeannine Glavas and Sam Durst. Jeannine introduced the rest of the new 2010-11 PTO board: 1st VP’s- Erin Durkin and Tracy Sloan , 2nd VP fundraising – Sue Pipal, 3rd VP-Jeanine Vaia, Treasurer-Patrick O’Laughlin, Recording Secretary-Kate Nessinger and Parliamentarian-Allyn Pilewski. Allyn reported that Committee Chair acknowledgements will be sent on Feedblitz. Allyn reflected on the year stating that there were challenges in going paperless. E backpack saves money and time for staff and teachers, but not all families have access to email. Allyn noted that e backpack should be easier next year. The PTO sold 184 school supply packets, but only sold 125 yearbooks as compared to previous years’ 300. Allyn awarded the Staff of the Year honor to Mrs. Meg O’Brien. Dawn Gmitro praised Mrs. O’Brien for finding the Esther Hershenhorn program and being committed to Esther, the teachers, Dawn and the program. Mrs. O’Brien stated that Esther Hershenhorn was blown away by all the Central students could do and wants to continue a relationship with the school. According to Mrs. O’Brien, Esther wants to continue having the students work on the teachers’ websites. Mrs. O’Brien reported that the teachers and students loved the program. Allyn singled out several PTO members for going beyond the call of duty including Jennie Hepker-Royer for Science in a Can, Cathy Daun for Brick Pavers, Molly Carl for organizing the PTO closet, Kathy Dudek for putting together the Lightening Thief Movie fundraiser and Tiffany McManus and her Talent Show Committee for raising $400 to cover their costs. The most notable PTO member, awarded PTO Member of the Year, is Samantha Durst for exceeding the 100% fund goal, handling the Innisbrook program and creating the Riverside Foods gift card program.

1st VP’s Report: Jennifer Sedivy stated that there is a new procedure for turning in Committee folders. Each Committee Chair should fill out an evaluation form, place it in the Committee folder and place folder in the filing cabinet in the Cultural Arts closet. This should be done even if the current Chair is continuing his/her position in the next school year. These evaluations will be looked at by the treasurer and co-presidents. Documents can be copied onto a cd and the cd placed in the committee folder.

2nd VP’s Report: Samantha Durst thanked everyone who contributed to philanthropy. Cathy Duan has sold 18 more brick pavers and is willing to continue to Chair this program next school year. Sam reminded the group that a volunteer sheet for the Fall Auction is being passed around and May 27 will be a volunteer meeting. An auction flyer went out on feedblitz and the committee is working on a Facebook page. The 100% fund raised $8,200.00 this year. Philanthropy projects were solicited for the 2009-10 year from membership, teachers and Dr. Limperis. The list includes: $850.00 for playground stencils, $230.00 for Cambistat application for Elm and Oak trees, $420.00 for 3 worm bins for Environmental Committee, $300.00 for digital cameras for teachers with broken PTO supplied cameras and $200.00 for Sing along Songs That Teach DVD’s. The proposed total is $2,000.00. Sam made a motion to accept the philanthropy request. Jane Archer seconded the motion. The motion passed.

3rd VP’s Report: Jeanine Vaia reported that the deadline to order a yearbook is May 28, the calendar and directory order forms are online and the deadline for those is May 12. Jeanine will send out order forms again in the fall for the calendar and directory. The PTO luncheon is one week from Friday and Friday, May 7 is the deadline to sign up. 162 yearbooks have been sold as of yesterday.

1st VP 2010-11: Erin Durkin reported that the committee and lead parent forms are due by May 12.

Committee Reports:

summer sandal footEcology Club: Sue Pipal reported that the Ecology Club water bottles are in and they have sold 20. They will be offered on e backpack and can be delivered next week. Dawn Gmitro stated that the Ecology Club will kick off the Waste Free Lunch program with a presentation in classrooms and a practice period.

Book Fair: Amy Jacksic reported that $13,300.00 was raised this year which may be the biggest year for sales. The BF Committee has already gifted $1,300.00 worth of books to the library. The PTO lent $600.00 to provide for children unable to buy their own books. The BF Committee paid the PTO back with the over $700.00 they raised for these students. An extra $220.00 will go to philanthropies. Amy thanked all the volunteers.

Turn off TV Week: Cathy Louthen reported that 195 students participated in the raffle tickets and 100 went to the Fun Fair. Cathy stated that the Blythe PTA lent our PTO their equipment for the Fun Fair.


Memorial Day Commemoration: Friday, May 28 the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts will participate in a flag raising ceremony. A feed blitz will be sent.

Central School Landscaping is approved and will start in mid June. The district is to water the plantings. Thanks go to Michelle Marconi for her suggestions.

The meeting adjourned at 10:20 am. The meeting minutes are respectfully submitted by Kate Nessinger, Recording Secretary.