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Student Directory Reminders

Posted Aug 31, 2010 | Category: Reminders

This information was originally posted on August 31, 2010. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

If you wish to be included in the Student Directory, please print out and complete the Student Directory Information Form 2010-11 and return the completed form to the PTO mailbox (located in Central’s front office) by Thursday, September 2.

The Directory Order Form was available in the Spring.  If you have not yet ordered your Directory, please complete the Directory Order Form Fall 2010 and return it with payment ($5), to the PTO Mailbox by Friday, September 3.

For questions regarding the Student Directory Information Form, contact Sandy Briolat at briolats@centralptonews.org or Jennifer Pacourek at pacourekj@centralptonews.org.

For questions regarding the Directory Order Form, please contact Jeanine Vaia @ thirdvp@centralptonews.org.