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Teacher Appreciation Week May 2-5! We need your help!

Posted Mar 21, 2011 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on March 21, 2011. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Planning for Teacher Appreciation Week is well under way.  But we need your help!!

Calling all cooks!!  We would like to collect some of your favorite recipes that will be assembled into a Ring ‘O Recipes as a gift for the teachers.  Whether it is a main dish, side dish, appetizer, dessert, bread etc., we are hoping you will want to add a family favorite to this special collection of Central’s Kitchen.

Secondly, we are collecting items that will be raffled off daily to the teachers.  Such items include gift cards, gift certificates, gift baskets, sporting event tickets, theater tickets, jewelry etc.  Please let us know if you have an item to donate.

Both recipes and donations can be emailed to either DeAnn Gruber (degruber@yahoo.com) or Lynda Carey Murphy (lyndad1106@yahoo.com).


Thank you advance for your help and donation!

DeAnn Gruber

Lynda Carey Murphy

Co-Chairs – Teacher Appreciation Week