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Traffic Safety Reminders

Posted Oct 11, 2011 | Category: Reminders, Wellness

This information was originally posted on October 11, 2011. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

A few reminders about pickup:

(1)  Arriving at 3:10 is KEY.  This timeframe allows your child to exit the school and be ready for pickup.  If you arrive earlier you may be asked to circle the block while you wait for your child to exit the building.  If you would like to hang out on the sidewalk, please find a legal parking spot and feel free to do so.

(2)  To make pickup as easy as possible, be sure to have your “name placard”  clearly displayed in your front window.  In the case of heavy rain, these placards will be required as the children will remain in the school and be released as you drive up with the “placard” displayed.  If you do not have the “placard” in your window, it will contribute to backing up traffic.

(3)  When there is inclement (raining hard, etc.) weather at pick up, it is especially important to arrive no earlier than 3:10 pm, with the placard clearly displayed in your car front window.  In this circumstance, once the parent or caregiver arrives at pick up, the child will come outdoors.

(4)   Please pass this info along to your caregiver and any one else that may be picking up your child.  If you need a second placard for a caregiver please contact the office.

(5)  The pick up/drop off areas are designated as follows:

  • Zone A:  Kindergarten, front of school on Woodside, near Kindergarten doors, before stop sign
  • Zone B:  Grades 1-3, front of school, 61-63 Woodside
  • Zone C:  Grade 4-5, back of school.
  • Zone D:  Hauser students

For more information, please see the Traffic Safety Plan, attached for your easy reference (this was distributed at the beginning of the school year via feedblitz and E-Backpack).


Paying attention to these reminders contributes to the safety of our children!  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Amy (pres-amy@centralptonews.org) and Jeannine (pres-jeann@centralptonews.org)