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Innisbrook Results are In!

Posted Nov 14, 2011 | Category: Charleston Wrap

This information was originally posted on November 14, 2011. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

The #’s are in!!!

Thank you for your tremendous support of our Innisbrook fundraiser.  We beat our sales of last year and sold over  $12,000.  Our profits will be put to use this school year for things like Science Fair, Science in a Can, Flying Carpet Club and the Ice Skating Party.

Our Innisbrook fundraiser prize winners are:

  • Top Seller: $75 gift card, Rex Dockendorf
  • Second Highest Seller: $50 gift card, Caden Vais
  • Third Highest Seller: $25 gift card, Mary Maloney
  • Top selling classroom: Pizza Party, Mrs. Murdock’s 1st grade class
  • Top selling Kindergartener (because it’s their first time): A big Innisbrook stuffed hippo, David Vacca
  • Raffle for all Sellers: Grumpy’s Gift Certificates, Owen Leander and Joshua Richards

By now you should have received your Innisbrook order, have been contacted about picking it up or been informed about backordered items. 

If you have any questions, please contact pres-amy@centralptonews.org.