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Thank you for your support of the Central book fair!

Posted Feb 6, 2012 | Category: Book Fair

This information was originally posted on February 6, 2012. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

We are crunching the numbers and boy is it looking good!  We have had a number of people ask if it is too late to purchase from the Central Scholastic book fair website and it is not.  Our website will be live through 2/8.  You can make a purchase by going to onlinebookfairs.scholastic.com/default.aspx?f=2931410.  Shipping is FREE to the school and you will find an even larger selection than you found at the school this week.  The prices match what you found at the fair and 50% of your purchase will go back to our school in books!

On Friday, the PTO raffled off a book and a poster from the fair to two children (a boy and a girl) in every classroom as a way to say thank you for the tremendous support.  The books and posters were already delivered to the children so be on the lookout for the winners at home!