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Got Yearbook Photos?

Posted May 1, 2012 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on May 1, 2012. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

NEED YOUR HELP… With photo contributions to the Roadrunner! Thank you to those whom have already contributed, we have collected a great amount of photos so far, but we are still in need of photos from the following events:

  • 1st day of school
  • Veterans Day Performance
  • K-3 Holiday Program
  • 2nd Grade Scavenger Hunt
  • Fall Parents Night
  • Band/Orchestra Concert
  • Hike and Bike Week
  • Spirit Days
  • Spring Open House
  • 4th and 5th Grade Spring Musical/Concert
  • 5th Grade – Hauser Tour, Awards, Clap Out, Games Night and Picnic

If you have photos that you’d like to contribute to the yearbook this year, please send your photos on a CD or flashdrive with your name on it to the Central office to be placed in the PTO mailbox to the attention of Jacquie Mathis. She will get your item back to you once she has have uploaded the photos.

If you have any questions, please contact Jacquie at jacquiemathis@yahoo.com.