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Being Screen Free Pays!

Posted May 3, 2012 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on May 3, 2012. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

Every student who participated in Screen Free Week was encouraged to fill out and submit a raffle ticket for each day that they were Screen Free.  Following is the list of students who won the raffle.  One student in each class won a $5 gift certificate to Aunt Diana’s!  Thanks to Jacquie Mathis, Cyndi Robinson and the 4th grade Girl Scouts for running a fabulous week of events for the children.

K a.m. Economos Brian Pipal
K p.m. Economos Vera Brenneman
K Sula Hayden Marrs
1 Feldman Joel Durkin
1 Murdock Ainsley Sedivy
1 Scaggs Bryce Pacourek
2 Endriukaitis Luke Robertson
2 Laws
2 Musgrave Owen Murphy
2 Walsh Jake Shevitz
3 Kladis Sebastian Mendoza
3 Preble Liaden Martin
3 Ross Owen Marrs
3 Vizek Katarina Dixon
4 Laughlin Joshua Richards
4 Lutz Jacqueline DiMonte
4 Teune Nicole Wolff
5 Brackett Will Briolat
5 Elgeness Tim O’Laughlin
5 McCarthy Amanda Gruber