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Molly Carl is Awarded 2011-12 PTO Volunteer of the Year!

Posted May 11, 2012 | Category: Everything Else

This information was originally posted on May 11, 2012. Please note that the article refers to events from a previous school year.

When discussing nominees for the 2011-12 Central PTO Volunteer of the Year, one name was repeatedly brought up.  It should not surprise anyone to learn that this year’s award goes to Molly Carl. Her enthusiasm for culture and the arts is enormous and she passes that passion along to our many parent volunteers and to our children.  Many of us have experienced first hand Molly’s devotion to Central and our students.  She has been the driving force behind our fantastic Cultural Arts program for the past few years overseeing the reframing and dedication of our entire collection as well as revamping the program to make it easier for our parent volunteers to present. She recently played an integral role in documenting every single PTO owned piece of artwork in a hardcover photo album that will serve as a resource for future PTO members.

Molly wasn’t even signed up for the artist in residence committee this year.  But, she saw something interesting and dove right in to assist Dawn Gmitro with this huge undertaking.  This artist in residence was originally going to just involve Muntu working with our students.  Molly saw a great opportunity and decided that we should pair this residency with our first ever hugely successful Cultural Heritage Festival.  Very few of us know how many hours and hours she devoted to ensuring that this event was such a hit.  She even painted all of those country signs outside of each of the classrooms hosting a country.  Her husband saw her final artwork and declared that she would make a great 4th grader! We heard over and over again from our Cultural Heritage Festival country volunteers that she made running their rooms so incredibly easy that they would definitely do it again.

Molly is dedicated, detail-oriented and incredibly organized. She follows through on whatever she says she is going to and usually does more than she promised and even better than you imagined. Molly sees a need and she quietly fills that role and never seeks any accolades.  She magically appeared during the evening of our book fair this year during the busiest time ready to pitch in and help where needed.  She also recently devoted many hours packing and moving our PTO belongings due to the upcoming capital improvements.  Molly makes our school a better place and we are so lucky to have her!