3rd VP – Correspondence / Hospitality

Third Vice President


Below is the Third Vice President’s job description set forth as follows: I. Bylaws; and II. General Responsibilities. For a detailed timeline of responsibilities, please contact the current Third Vice President.


The PTO Bylaws contain these provisions regarding the duties of the Third Vice President:



Section 4

The third vice president shall:

  1. Conduct an annual enrollment of members;
  2. Maintain an accurate list of current PTO members who have paid fees for items provided by the Central School PTO such as the District 96 School Calendar, Central School Student Directory, or otherwise offered by Central School PTO;
  3. Distribute D96 School calendars and Central School student directories;
  4. Conduct correspondence of the organization as directed;
  5. Serve as Chairperson of the Gifts & Memorial Committee, including holiday special collection;
  6. Organize the annual officer installation luncheon;
  7. Perform the duties of the recording Secretary in the recording Secretary’s absence; and
  8. Perform such other duties as may be delegated.


Below are the General Responsibilities of the Third Vice President.

  • Hospitality: Coordinate Hospitality for the following school/PTO events: 1. PTO Welcome Reception (first day of school); 2. Veteran’s Day Reception (November); 3. Staff Conference Meal (November); 4. Installation Luncheon (May); and 5. Other events as needed. Solicit help from Hospitality Committee as needed, and oversee Committee’s involvement. Provide coffee at monthly membership meetings.
  • Calendar/Directory: Prepare calendar order form for distribution via feedblitz, and collect monies. Distribute calendars to all teachers, staff, and individuals who ordered them. Discuss with PTO Board whether paper directory will be sold (student directory went online in November 2011). If paper directory will be sold, discuss feasibility of pre-ordering paper directory.
  • Holiday Gift for Staff/Memorial Gifts/Retirement Gifts: Coordinate holiday gift collection for Central staff. This collection does not include paraprofessionals assigned to a specific classroom; these paraprofessionals are included in the teacher gift collection coordinated by the Lead Room Parents. Coordinate memorial & retirement gifts as needed.
  • Babysitting: Find babysitter for PTO meetings for the year. Make sure babysitter is paid at the end of meeting, even if no children are present for babysitting. See Third Vice President Folder for list of babysitters and amount of payment.
  • PTO Closet: The PTO Closet is located in the Fitness (“TDPE”) room. Prepare inventory of supplies and keep updated. Ensure that supplies are replenished, and that closet is tidy. Supplies may include the following: babysitting toys, paper products, and event supplies. Committee Chairs may use supplies in closet, following notice to the Third Vice President.
  • PTO/Executive Board Meetings: Attend regular Executive Committee/PTO meetings and designated District 96 Board meetings.
  • Communications: All flyers for Feedblitz and E-Backpack must be approved by the PTO President(s) first, then the Principal. See “Electronic Communications Guidelines” for more information.
  • Update Job Description/Transition of Duties: Review all documents pertaining to duties including, but not limited to the PTO Bylaws, Standing Rules, Job Description, and Hospitality Budget (also see budget for Staff Conference Meal, Installation Luncheon, and Gratuities/Memorials). Update the Third Vice President’s job description, as necessary, and ensure that updated description is posted on the PTO website. In the spring, meet with incoming Third Vice President, in conjunction with PTO President(s), and/or incoming PTO Board, to ensure smooth transition of duties. Provide incoming Third Vice President with all relevant information, including, but not limited to the following:
    • Updated Third Vice President’s job description;
    • Pertinent flyers;
    • List of staff for holiday specials collection; and
    • Electronic Communication Guidelines.

Updated November 2011.

You can also download this job description as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.