Parliamentarian – Job Description

I. Parliamentarian:
The president from the prior school year usually fills the Parliamentarian officer position.

II. Bylaws:
The provisions of the PTO bylaws pertaining to this office are set forth in Article IX, Section 8, as follows:

The Parliamentarian shall:

  1. Maintain a copy of the current bylaws;
  2. Revise the bylaws and standing rules as needed or as requested by the president;
  3. Provide parliamentary advice to the president, the Executive Board, and the Executive Committee as requested

III. General Duties of the Parliamentarian:

  • Advise and consult with the president on PTO matters as needed
  • Attend and participate in the regularly scheduled PTO membership meetings
  • Attend and participate in the Executive Committee meetings or any other meeting held at the call of the president or a majority of the Executive Committee
  • Be familiar with the current authorized edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order”
  • Assist the president in preparing for meetings when requested
  • Ensure each member of the Executive Committee has a current copy of the bylaws and standing rules
  • Ensure that the PTO website contains the most current bylaws and standing rules
  • As needed, update/revise this job description and submit a copy to the website administrator

You can also download this job description as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

Updated January 2009